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Huge Selection of Smartwatches available in many colors.  Basic functions, stylish and slick!

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Clear Out

Lights & Lamp Decor

Many items available.  Lights and lamps, and home decor.  Stop in and have a look!

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Headrush Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker with built in light show, and many different themes.  Great sound too!

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25% OFF

Paintball Kits

Guns, Helmets, Painballs and more.  Clearly out with door crashing prices.

megaphoneclear (1).jpg


15 Watt MegaPhone

Check out this handheld microphone.  Great for events & parties!

flamelightclear (1).jpg

2 for $35

Flaming Light Bulbs

2 PACK Flaming Light Bulbs

Set a calm, holiday or romantic vibe with this 2 pack of Flaming Light Bulbs

record1 (1).jpg


Vinyl Motion

Portable Suitcase Turntable
Enjoy your records | on the go!

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Big Button Home Phone

Hear and see clearly.
Clarity P300

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USED VCRs | DVD Players

We have a few old VCRs available, along with a couple older DVD players.  All $15/each.

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H20 GO Paradise Island

Giant Floating Party Unicorn
Mesh Bottom | Built in Cooler
Drink Holders

remotecar (1).jpg


Remote Helicopters | Cars

Great entertainment for an even better price.  Remote helicopters and cars available.



Antique Decor

Only $10 / each

Household decor

Well Loved

racecc (1).jpg


CARRERA Digital 132

Race track, extra cars, and accessories! Everything included!

projectorcc (1).jpg


ION Projector PA

Projector PA System
Hook up your HDMI Streaming

device and enjoy!

radiocc (1).jpg


Vital CD/Cassette Radio

CD | Cassette | Radio
Play all your favourite Music

Boards (1).jpg


Bubble Light Box

LED Light Box
Write a message!
Home Decor

headphones22 (1).jpg


PrimeCable Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

Multicharger (1).jpg


Multi-Charging Stand

Charge all your devices in one place!  Phones, Watch and more!

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